Pictures from our Wedding Party - Part 1

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Setup and Mingling

We had a beautiful afternoon, a great location, and amazing decorations... all planned by Kelli and setup by our friends and family!

Tower of treats!

Homemade cakes, thanks to Julie!

And more treats

Hope everyone planted your tree-in-a-box!

And even a dance floor and setup for a band!

Before dinner...

Bill and Paul brought us treats when we were done with pictures

And parasols!

More mingling and having fun

Who doesn't love hoola hoops?

The happy bride

Enjoying the sunshine

Jeff and Hannah, newly engaged. Congrats!

Chris and Caroline Spain, good family friends from Sun Valley, joined us for the reception! Biked all that way--nice!

Dinner and Toasts

We had great food!

And Bob and Dana playing music while we ate

Here's to all our friends and family!

Toasts by the parents and siblings (although we only caught a few on camera)

Then we got a group picture... we're all throwing wildflower seeds!

Can't wait to go back through the years and see our wildflowers growing!
On to Part 2... dancing!

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