Pictures from our Cinco de Mayo party, 2007

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After Kelli and I got settled in our house, we decided to throw a Cinco de Mayo housewarming party! So, we made a bunch of Mexican food, loaded up a pinata, and invited folks over.
Mmmmm... good enchiladas!

Posing for the camera...

More food!

And, Stacey made a great Tres Leches cake!

Here's the pinata! We didn't have a bat, so a hockey stick worked great.


Dog and Bunny...

And then, out came the guitar.

Bill, talking to the duck in one ear, and Mama Kelli in the other!

Once again, our friends are funny.

Duke, picking on Bill, who tries not to retaliate!

Still hanging out in the kitchen with the guitar.

Kelli, trying the pinata on for size.

Bill the Bull.

And Paulio... serenading us all!

Copyright 2007, Ross Segelken