Pictures from Ashland Oregon, Apr 2007

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My good friend from Caltech, Dave Bacon got married in Ashland, OR in April. Kelli and I headed down for the day. I have no pictures from the ceremony, but here are a few from the reception.
Kelli and I at dinner:

With my friend Lon and his date.


The groom and I.

On the way home the next day, Kelli and I went to the Wildlife Safari in Winston, OR. First thing when we drove in, we were greeted by an ostrich!

Some zebras... with a cute baby.

The biggest bears I have ever seen!

This Rhea was really interested in us.

Cute little deer-like things. The little boy deer was really interested in the girl deer!

Pretty birds too.

The Wildlife Safari breeds cheetahs. A few young ones hanging out...

And a cute little lamb.

Once again... my cute girlfriend!

Copyright 2007, Ross Segelken