Pictures from Strange Portland, Jan 2007

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I got a rude awakening around 2:30am the morning of Jan 23rd, when a guy in a stolen car, running from police, ran into the tree in front of my house! Here's the story from a local news station, and video (Windows Media Player) of a news clip that I was on.

Here are a couple pictures of the aftermath...

If this guy had gone just a bit to the right or left, my house would have been in trouble!

Amazing that the driver got out of the car and ran off!

The last weekend in January, the Portland Aerial Tram opened to the public! Adam and Stacey joined Kelli and myself for breakfast, and a ride up to OHSU and back. It was a bit cold, but a beautiful clear day. Here we are on the way up.

A couple pictures of the tram car from the upper station...

And Kelli, looking great as always, with Portland and Mt St Helens in the background.

Copyright 2007, Ross Segelken