Pictures from Spring 2006 Fun and Games

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Carl's Birthday Party... after we all got locked out on the back porch!

Kelli threw me an awesome birthday party this year! It started with a scavenger hunt through NW Portland (including pictures of me posted all over!).
We all met up at a McMenamins and split into three teams...

Piling into a tent in REI for pictures...

Great sidewalk art, with Duke and I (note the slobber!)

Some insidious shot... thanks to Juan!

Hangin' with Paul and Juan

The awesome girlfriend herself... thanks for all the work! It was a great party.

Carl and June, Larry and Lissa, and I all headed up to Whistler for a snowboard trip in February.
The 2008 Winter games are going to be held here. Everyone got a little practice for the hula hoop event!

A picture of us all with a couple read Canadian Mounties!

Hanging out in the village before dinner.

Not real Canadian Mounties... just as funny however!

Our digs. We had a fun trip.

Copyright 2006, Ross Segelken