Pictures from Climbing Mt St Helens, Sept 2006

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After a long hiatus, the forst service reopened Mt St Helens for climbing this summer. So, I got some permits to see the new activity up close! Paul and Allison, and Keri and Chris joined Kelli and I on this adventure.
We camped at climber's bivouac the night before, and Paul convinced us all to get up early for an alpine start. It's hard to figure out what to pack at 5 in the morning!

However, thanks to the early start, we were greeted by some excellent sunrise views of Mt Adams and Mt Hood. Here are a few good ones of the later.

The long, dark stretch below timberline...

Here's the whole crew!

Up we go...

Time for a rest stop, with great views of the valley. And Gorman...

After a long, undocumented trudge to the top, we made it! Note Mt Adams in the background.

A great view of the new domes, with Mt Ranier in the background. The old dome is barely visible behind and slightly to the right of the fins.

It was great weather, so we hung out at the top for a while.

Kelli and I, with Spirit Lake and Mt Ranier in the background

And here's my beautiful girlfriend, contemplating Mt Adams

The whole crew... it was a great day!

Copyright 2007, Ross Segelken