Pictures from our trip to Sun Valley ID, 2006

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Kelli's favorite tree farm, along I84 in eastern Oregon.

My copilot Duke, making sure we're going the right way.

Kelli, her dad, and I, took a hike up to a peak overlooking the downtown, along with Duke, and Delilah

The Caldwells...

We spent some downtime at a coffee shop in downtown Ketchum. Here's Kelli trying to look like she's working hard.

Kelli and I took a daytrip up to the Sawtooth Wilderness, and hiked into Sawtooth Lake.

We saw a bunch of beautiful wildflowers on the way.

Kelli and I, with the view back down the valley we hiked up.

A beautiful, little lake. Worth the trip just to see this one, and we weren't even to the end yet!

Snow! snow! snow! I love snow!

The creek coming out of Sawtooth Lake. Incredible!

And the bottom of the lake. Beautiful!

We finally got a good one on the self-timer!

The stream out, from another angle.

Another little lake below Sawtooth Lake. Great reflection...

Until Duke gets in the water. Fun hike!

Copyright 2006, Ross Segelken