Pictures from the 2006 Rock Squad trip to Maupin

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On the way to Maupin... a beautiful sunset over Mt Hood.

Paul and Allison... trying to figure out how the flag works.

The newlyweds, Jason and Avie

Paul split us up into teams for the boats... Here are the Booty Snatchers.

Team Johnsonville...

The Soggy Bottoms

And, the Trouser Pirates

Two pictures of the whole group!

Here are a bunch of pictures that I downloaded from the web... they're only thumbnails however.
First up on the river is Wapinitia Rapid.
Jason and Avie rented an inflatable kayak for the trip down the river!

The Bootie Snatchers, with barely a ripple.

Team Soggy Bottoms... having issues with navigation. A sign of things to come...

Johnsonville, handling the rapids.

And the Trouser Pirates, having fun!

Next up is Boxcar Rapids...
Jason and Avie, after a small detour, are full speed ahead!

The Bootie Snatchers, all smiles.

Great steering in the back! I'm glad that rapid wasn't bigger...

Team Johnsonville, being bumped around a little bit.

The Trouser Pirates... how was that one, Allison?

The last big rapids, Oak Springs, is a class IV, and was running deeper this year than before. It was flipping boats left and right.
This rapid has no trouble with the kayak. Jason and Avie, a little more wet, were fine.

The Bootie Snatchers, doing well.

OK... notice how Juan (the boat captain), is just being pulled back into the boat at the top of the rapids. And, no one is steering in the back. Well, when you do this, the boat flips! Fortunately, everyone was wearing their life jackets, and were a bit shaken, but were safe.

June and Meagan, trying to get away from the boat.

Carl got the worst of it... getting some scrapes and bruises from the rocks under the boat.

Team Johnsonville, going in a little sideways, but making it through ok.

And the Trouser Pirates, safe after being cut off by another boat.

Copyright 2006, Ross Segelken