Pictures from Sunriver trip, Jan 2006

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Over a January weekend, we got a sweet house in Sunriver for the weekend. Saturday involved snowboarding for some, and snowshoing for others... I don't have any pics from the day. However, we had a good Saturday night, hot-tubbing, cooking, hanging out, and playing games.

Awwww... Jodi took some sickeningly sweet pictures:
Allison and Paul

June and Carl

Chris and Keri, Larry and Lissa

Kelli and myself

More pics from the night...
Paul, waiting for dinner, and then doing dishes!

The dogs... knocked out after playing in the snow all day.

Folks are getting a little tipsy!

A couple pictures before heading home Sunday.
The dogs... focused on guess who?

The view from the back porch.

The group!
Back Row: Carl, Paul, Allison, Chris, Keri, Kelli, Ross.
Front Row: Larry, Lissa, June.

Copyright 2006, Ross Segelken