Pictures from June's Birthday, June, 2005
and the Run Hit Wonder, July 2005

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We were actually able to surprise June on her birthday this year, with dinner at Ripe.
Here are Kari, Doug, and I, after 27 phone calls trying to get everyone to the restaurant!

The birthday girl, along with Carl and Erin

Keri, plotting something...

Yet another cute picture of Kari and Doug. This is the place they met!

In July, after the trip to Maupin, a bunch of us ran the Run Hit Wonder through the streets of Portland. Most of these pictures are from Larry's cellphone, so this is as big as they get.
Here's most of the crew before the start.

Gorman and I on a detour through the Salmon Street Fountain.

Hanging out mid-race, listening to Fountains of Wayne!

Moshing in front of the Aquanauts. Pssst... Jeff, a mosh pit is not an excuse for groping!

The money shot!

Hanging out at PGE park after the race.

Copyright 2005, Ross Segelken