Pictures from Deschutes Rafting Trip, July 2005

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As always, a Maupin weekend starts at the Rainbow Tavern. One tequila, Two tequila, Three tequila...


Getting ready for the river... Team Pink Elephant.

And, Team Rock Squad!

No pictures of Team Perrault. But we did find Charlie's Angels!

Paul has some pretty good pictures of our way down the river on his website.
Here's a bunch of pics stolen off the web... This is as big as they get, without paying.
The first big rapid, Wapinitia. Where I was abandoned by my team! It's a miracle that they made it through.

Luckily, I was picked up by Team Perrault!

And, Larry steering Team Pink Elephant deftly through the rapids.

The second set of big rapids, Boxcar. Juan riding point!

Insert funny comment here.

If I was smarter, I'd make this into the movie. Note Doug's adventure across the raft.

The final rapids, the Class IV Oak Springs Rapids. Fun!

No problem.

Jeff, we're listing a little to the right. Jeff? You know the paddle works better in the water.

Copyright 2005, Ross Segelken