Moab Road Trip! April 2005

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In April, the (newly christened) Rock Squad headed to Utah for some climbing, biking, and a wedding! We took off and met up at Otz's in Idaho, then headed to southern Utah the next day. The only picture on the road... McDonald's.

Once in Moab, we wussed out and spent the first night in the hotel. So... we could get an awesome campsite in Arches NP the next morning! Here are a couple views from the campsite:

Gorman, Keri, Heidi and I soon made our way to a mountain bike ride up to the west end of the park. Our first experience on slickrock! It's amazing what you can ride up (or down) with the traction.

Great views from the top into Arches.

At some point, we also headed up to Dead Horse Point (a state park). This was a point on a mesa, with a narrow approach. It used to be used as a natural horse corral. Now however, the views of the canyons below (including Canyonlands NP) are amazing!

Of course, what are the chances that Gorman found a latte?

Next up, after some bouldering (which I have no pictures of!), was a hike up to Delicate Arch (which I also have no pictures of!). However, on the way we had 'The Rehearsal'. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

We also went to double arch. Really cool! We climbed up under and through the arches, and watched the sunset.

Otz, always photogenic... in the best picture of him I've seen yet!

The day before the wedding, the girls went horseback riding and to the spa. There are no pictures from the bachelorette party, but here's the horseback riding. The scenery probably looks familiar from all the westerns that were filmed here!

Wedding day! After getting ready, Keri posed for some pictures with her horse from the day before. Note the threatening storm clouds...

And, she was interviewed by a film crew passing through from SLC!

By the time of the ceremony, the skies had cleared however. Here, Mark is doing a great job pretending to be Keri. Jordan, not at his best with his Erin impression however.

Here comes the bride... who's your daddy?

A couple random ceremony pictures.

The wedding party

Jordan and the paparatzi

Keri... afraid!

and now happy...

It's finally official.

Another day... and another bike ride. This time, porcupine rim. Beautiful views down into the valley...

Have you seen my beach ball?


Action shot!

And finally... on the way down.

Copyright 2005, Ross Segelken