More random pictures from Summer 2004

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Paul Perrault organized a trip to go rafting on the Deshutes River in Maupin the last weekend in July. These pictures are from various companies along the river. They are just thumbnails. You can buy larger pics here.
Here are Paul, Paul Dehaan, Ryan and Nick in the first set of Rapids (Wapinitia). Too bad the photographer didn't get pictures of me getting tossed out of the boat on this one!

Keri, Chris, Keri, and I on the second big rapid (Boxcar).

The guys through the same rapid. Good job paddling through it!

The last big rapid... Oak Springs. Whoa!

Again, the guys paddling hard!

Me, Paul, Ryan, Nick, and Carl surfing at Indianhead beach. Paul and Ryan had been a couple times before. For the rest of us, it was the first time!
Before... "My board's bigger than your board!"

My wetsuit was good at holding water. Look at those calves!

After. It was a ton of fun!

Me, June, Jean, Bob, Quinn, Ethan, and Kari at the Bridge Pedal. We're on I-5 here overlooking the city. >15,000 bikers rode this day!

Copyright 2004, Ross Segelken