Pictures from backpacking in the Three Sisters Wilderness, July 2004

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What better to do over July 4th weekend than get out of town and go backpacking! A bunch of us went down to central Oregon for a trip up Foley Ridge into the Three Sisters Wilderness. We spent the first night at Limberlost CG, which a great place with a stream running through it, and was almost empty the Friday before July 4th!
Here's Larry... I'm not sure if he's putting up or taking down the tent!

Carl and June packing... Yardsale!

Our lunch stop at the base of Substitute Point

We climbed Substitue Point through the last of the winter's snow. Incredible views of North Sister, the Husband, and all of the Willamette Valley from the top!

All of us on top of Substitute Point
(L to R) Ross, Kari, June, Duke, Carl, Jean, Larry, Lucy, Jill, Ray, Henry

Mountain Dog!

And then... the mosquitoes decended. They hatch with the melting snow and LOVE hikers! Any time we stopped, we were instantly swarmed. So, we found a campsite, and set up fires (that's right... more than one)! This was the first time I've seen folks jockeying for position in the smoke!
Kari's about to lose it here, but the wine helped!

The next morning, we packed and got out of there as fast as possible! We drove up McKenzie pass towards Bend. Here are Carl and I on the top.

A cool view of North Sister from the pass.

Copyright 2004, Ross Segelken