Pictures from biking in Bend, June 2004

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The circus headed to Bend for the weekend! We camped in the usual spot... here's everyone getting ready in the morning.

A few last adjustments. We're almost there!

"OK, one more time... you sit here?"

Here's the route of the day. Notice all the uphill. Almost 20 miles!

Action pictures! Larry, Carl, and Adam

Some more. June, Keri, and Kari... Nice tongue June!

Getting the picture yet? Allison and Stacey

Yeah! We made it all the way to the top.

The girls hanging out at camp post-biking

Larry and Dan taunting Duke. Adam and his magic trunk.

Sunday, after the requisite stop at Cup O' Magic, a few of us headed up to bike near Sisters. We settled on a ride around Suttle Lake. A fast 4 miles, in some beautiful weather.

June, with her tongue out again!

Kari relaxing in the sun with a book. The best part was that we had great weather all weekend, and it rained in the valley on the way home!

Copyright 2004, Ross Segelken