Random pictures from Winter 2003/2004

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The 2003 Accelerant Christmas Party. Chris Jones and I trying to increase our carveout.

Chris Gorman, Kari, and I went on a showshoing trip. Somewhere around Mt Hood... we're trying to figure it out here.

The dogs are always well behaved...

We all came back from Thailand, and were greeted by a good old Portland ice storm. Stuck in the house for 2 days straight... talk about stir-crazy.

Duke and I went up to the Clear Lake fire lookout in January. On the way up, there was hoar-frost everywhere. Pretty...

Duke... tired for once.

Oh yeah, winter ended early this year. Carl, June, and I biking on Kent's Trail outside Bend, OR.

After a great day of biking, we spent the next morning in the park. June, Larry, Jean, Duke, and I playing Set.

Copyright 2004, Ross Segelken